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Summer Hydration

Tis’ the Season of Summer in which the Sun is shining its heat down upon Us.  It is incredibly important to hydrate with the proper fluids and nutrients this time of year.  This will help ensure optimal health and wellness.  The perfect partner to maintain overall hydration and supplementation is timing.  Timing is crucial in regards to optimal hydration for the activities you will embark on each day.  If you happen to be an athlete and lead an active lifestyle in high-heat areas of the United States then the timing of your hydration is vital for an enjoyable season.

Look at the tips and information below to feel your best this Summer Season:

  1. Well of course, drink plenty of water.  You will see plenty of articles on the internet that say we each require the same amount of water intake to maintain proper hydration.  While we each should be drinking a lot of water each day, it’s important to keep in mind we are all different.  We each will typically require a bit more water intake during the summer than the cooler months of the year, especially if you’re very active.
  2. Keep electrolytes on the forefront of your mind.  We hear that water intake is vital for proper hydration and that it could be quite dangerous without it which is true.  What is equally as important especially if you lead an active and athletic lifestyle is electrolyte intake.  Key electrolytes for your hydration are Sodium, Potassium, and Magnesium.
  3. There are plenty of athletic drinks advertised for optimal athletic hydration in the market today promising increased performance.  The key ingredients to these drinks are; water, sodium chloride and potassium.  These electrolytes help avoid headaches from onset dehydration and help avoid muscle cramping.  The primary ingredient to monitor, however, is the sugar content.  Be sure to choose a product with low sugar while including these other key ingredients to assist in optimal hydration.
  4. Be sure to incorporate foods rich in Potassium & Magnesium into your daily diet.  Great sources of Potassium include; Bananas, Avocados, Watermelon, Coconut/Coconut Water, Spinach and Sweet Potatoes to name a few.  Easy to find sources of Magnesium include; Almonds, Peanuts, Peanut Butter, Spinach, Brown Rice, Beef, Salmon, and even 70% dark chocolate or higher.
  5. Timing.  The timing to which you intake these nutrients and hydrate is crucial for an active and healthy lifestyle during the summer as previously mentioned.  A great way to monitor diet and hydration is to eat and hydrate for your day.  If you are planning on a difficult work-out tomorrow then your hydration and nutrient consumption of magnesium and potassium would begin this evening.  Ideally, sodium and further magnesium and potassium intake would begin the morning of your active day or at least a couple of hours prior to your exercise activity.  Always listen to your body, it speaks to you.  Give your body the love and nourishment it asks you for.

Hydration and water intake ultimately play a huge role in overall health.  Water helps our circulation and our blood-stream deliver the nutrients we need to our organs.  Hydration in-turn also keeps our immune functionality optimal considering our bodies made of upwards 60% water.  When/if your water levels run low your immune system and organ function will correlate over time.

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